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We are a local gay community group where size matters. Our events aim to create a friendly environment where bears, cubs, “G-men” and other stocky and big-sized men – as well as the guys who love them – can hang out, exchange ideas and ming

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The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. That doesn't mean that God doesn't love heterosexuals. It's just that they need more supervision.
~Lynn Lavner

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Desperate Plea For Help - Noah's Ark Cares

A friend informed us that one of our beneficiaries from our last charity art show requested for support from the public in regards to this unique case of a 72 year old lady who's been living alone with many other strays she had taken in for the past few years. For the whole story, please visit Noah's Ark Cares blog by clicking on the title itself.

We urge those animal lovers, especially those who continues to support SPCA by sending them money & such, to redirect their financial support towards Noah's Ark Cares. They provide these strays with proper vaccination, food, water and most importantly, a home to stay. So once again I urge all of you SPCA supporters, its time to open up your eyes & look at the big picture.

- Asimov_22

Saturday, December 20, 2008

(Closed) New Year's Eve Open House @ Hawk's Place, 31 December 2008, 8pm

Hey Guys, Hawk has graciously invited members of TheBearProject to his home on New Year's Eve for a potluck.

If you are interested, do drop by his place... the open house is for anyone he may know from different circles of friends, it's gay friendly so don't worry.

Date: 31 December 2008, Wednesday
Time: 8pm
Venue: Block 307 Clementi Ave 4, #02-369, S120307
His block is at the very last carpark at the end of Clementi Ave 4 which is a dead end.
You can take bus 284 from clementi interchange and get off at 2nd bus stop.

It's potluck so do bring some finger food, or drinks for yourselves.

This is what he has to say about his parties: "my house parties are never wild, although some people laugh more when they get drunk. harmless fun."

Enjoy! Vitalauto

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Best Tunes/Remixes/Albums of 2008

A few of us in facebook have been compiling our top ten tunes/albums for the year 2008, and we thought would be fun to post them up and maybe to encourage others to talk about theirs. So do drop us your comments and tell us your top ten favourite tunes/remixes/albums!

I'll start, here's My Top 10 tunes of 2008 - (not in any particular order):

01 Stepping Stone . Duffy
(my fave track from the album, Rockferry period! And since Rockferry is my fave album of the year, guess this would be the best song of 2008 for me! Maybe it's the lyrics that hit a nerve or her passionate voice, it brought tears to my eyes the first time i heard this.)

02 Black and Gold . Sam Sparro
(This one is totally addictive! I couldn't stop tapping my feet everytime i hear this! Love the soulful voice!)

03 Blind . Hercules And Love Affair
(enough said abt this... was so good, i did a review earlier on this site!)

04 Green Light/Rope Of Sand . Jamie Lidell
(from one of my fave albums of 2008, can't decide which i like most :) On Greenlight, he sounded like what Sam Cooke would sound like in 2008, pure brilliance! And i love the lyrics of Rope of Sand, a haunting ballad, "So much I don't understand, but one thing I know, every day is a rope of sand, we should be learning to let it go.")

05 Out At The Pictures . Hot Chip
(opening track of their "Made In The Dark" album. It's a madcap, totally delicious & infectious offbeat piece of electro pop. It's New Order going a bit nutty!)

06 Piece Of Me . Britney Spears
(Other than Toxic, I think this is Ms Spears' best song ever! "Blackout" is also her best album ever. Too bad both the song and album were greatly ignored. Actually another track Radar is just as good...)

07 Make You Feel My Love . Adele
(Chills down my spine the first time i heard this. Just a soulful love ballad beautifully sung. At 19, she actually sounded like she has years of experience in love! It's the kind of songs i wish someone would make a love tape with, hahaha)

08 On My Shoulders . The Do
(Think pop-rock sound of The Cardigans meets offbeat creativity of Bjork, that's how i would describe this. Stumble upon them while reading some music magazine, was intrigued and downloaded the whole album. One of my best finds this year. Just love her warbling voice, it's fresh, moving and quirky all at the same time.)

09 Cobrastyle . Robyn
(I was hooked the moment she went "I press trigger, i don't press people's button"... There's so many great tracks on her self-titled album with tracks produced and written by The Knife (Who's That Girl) and the song that brought my attention to Robyn, Konichiwa Bitches. But this is my fave track. It's a 2006 track by Teddybears, a punk rock /ska track. Her version is catchy, fast and totally fun! It's for me the ultimate pop song this year!)

10 Because . Madita
(I have been trying to download her album "Too" :p But only managed to get this song! hahaha, but it's ok cos it's one of my most played songs this year on my ipod. She sounds like Fiona Apple went jazzy. It's the song to play whenever i'm down. Totally perk me up!

Hear from you guys! Vitalauto

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mobile Garden: AN ORIGAMI PROJECT, 23rd Dec 08 - 30th Dec 08

About Mobile Garden:
As an origami based exhibition, Mobile Garden will be showcasing various works by 2 artists, Kelvin Atmadibrata ( Indonesia ) and Rin Ioka ( Japan ). Works exhibited ranging from installation art, origami sculpture, time based art as well as interactive cum origami paintings. This exhibition aims to explore the concept of origami in ways that are uncommon and apply those into the work of contemporary arts. Opening reception will be on 23rd December and it runs until 30th December. Gallery will be closed on Monday 29th and Christmas 25th December. Opens daily from 11pm to 7pm.

About the artists:
Kelvin Atmadibrata, is currently doing his foundation year in NTU School of Arts, Design and Media. His installation works have gone public in exhibitions such as Yellow Ribbon Project Community Art Exhibitions 2008 held in November and Market for Artists and Designers held in June. Mobile Garden will be his first duet exhibition. His other works have also been exhibited in events such as ATC on Parade, Pameran Poskad 2008 and APPLE on Canvas. His main interest is in exploring the relationship between children and adults, what differentiate them and what are the parallelism between the two. Mostly conveying the ideas in installation works, he has been trying to further explore on various fields such as paintings and performance art

Rin Ioka is a full time kindergarden teacher who is an artist and a singer at the same time. Her band KaRinBa has performed widely in Tokyo and her works have gone national level in Japan. Her main subject matter is in exploring the idea of memories and how important to preserve them. She likes to combine all her three jobs into her installation works, creating a vibrant piece filled with craft, music and concept. Mobile Garden will be her second exhibition in Singapore, the first being Pameran Poskad 2008. She also does photography and clays as parts of her works which at times, she brightens them with found objects and readymates.

Exhibition runs from 23rd - 30th Dec 08
Tuesdays to Sundays, 11:30am - 7pm
Forth Gallery, 69 Pagoda St, 2nd Floor


Monday, December 15, 2008

(Closed)"Pre" X'mas Pot-luck Picnic @ Sentosa Siloso Beach, 20th Dec '08

Thank you to all of you guys who turned up and brought us those delicious goodies and munchies and what not! It was certainly difficult to wake up so early running to Tiong Bahru to get their famous char-siew paos and then rush to VivoCity so early in the day. I wanna thank you all for that! Oh also, thank the gods it didn't pour today! :)

Sorry to inform all that Siloso Beach is 1/2 closed due to their preparations for New Year's Party. Therefore, we will move to Palawan Beach instead! I have sent all of those who are going an email, please check! We will still be meeting at the same time & place, just the destination is changed.

I think the last time we tried to organize a Sentosa outing, it got canceled due to the Pink Picnic, Indignation 2007... Anyways, this time round we're going there for a fabulicious picnic under the sun, amidst the sandy shores, the gentle winds and not forgetting the *gulp* "sights"...

We will be spending the mid-morning till the evening when the sun sets, please feel free to bring along your personal stereos, swimming trunks & costumes, suntan lotions, frisbees... Does anyone have a volleyball???

Oh oh oh and most importantly, we need to hammer out who is going to bring what kind of food for the pot-luck picnic too. Typical examples would be sandwiches, fish fingers, chicken wings, pastries, pies, Kebabs etc. (U get my drift... something light yet sustainable :)

So for those who are confirmed going, I will put their names down and what food they would like to bring. I will need volunteers to help bring drinks, especially those who drives a car. Here are a list of things that I need volunteering:
  1. Driver/s - Transport for drinks, icebox etc. (1 will do) -> 2xist_Thong
  2. Picnic mats (Depending on how many will be going, I suppose... 5 mats?) Currently only have 2
  3. Paper plates/cups/serviettes -> Asimov_22
The post will close on 18th Dec, so please sign up early. Looking forward to seeing you guys again!

Asimov_22 & VitalAuto

  • Vitalauto & Universek - ???
  • Asimov_22 + Rookcub - Otah & Nasi Lemak
  • Getafix21 - ???
  • 2xist_Thong – Curry Puffs
  • Xiaoyao – Guo Tie
  • Davdaf + 2 friends - Waffles
  • Hanzi + friend - Creampuffs
  • Kit_sg - Chicken wings or drums
  • Saon6 - ???
  • Divineseeker - Homemade Pie
  • Otto, Han & Mantou - ???
  • TVfan82 - Carrot cake
  • Brick - Assorted Dim Sum
  • Lightage – Mash Potato
  • Guyalvino - Fish Balls
  • FireGunz - Fried Rice

Sunday, December 14, 2008

*Deadline Extended* A Story Writing Contest, brought to you by TheBearProject & TengaTango

A big thank you to those who have already sent us their entries, we have decided to extend the deadline to a later date next year as we know almost everybody are zooming in and out of the country especially when it comes to the end of the year, or simply being occupied with Christmas and what not...

New deadline is on: 11th January 2009, Sunday

Currently we already received 6 stories from participants! Please send us your stories soon cos' the deadline is coming up! Thank you to those who participated! Its been a really exciting experience reading your stories :)

Greetings fellow bears, bear-hunters and friends!

After such a "long" break from our Charity Art Show, here's something new for all of you to get excited about! We will be holding a story-writing competition in association with TengaTango's Tenga - the new adult novelty concept specifically for men! For those who've been to Taipei or Tokyo, I'm very sure you have heard of this product. For those who don't, please go take a look at their website -> here. TengaTango is kind enough to sponsor us several units of these deliciously fabulous cups for our winning writers who are able to tease us off our feet.

The Deal:
Write a hot, steamy and sexy short story, within a minimum of 500 words that revolves around a sex toy! The story can be about ANYTHING (not necessarily sex). You can create fictitious characters, scenarios or even relate a real story. Most importantly be creative and don't forget to include a sex toy!!! Winners will be picked by our committee according to how well the story is written, how creative it is and how sexy it is! We will be putting up 6 finalists' stories (depending on the number of entries) for public voting on the blog and the committee will have the final say, taking into account the votes cast.

Submission Details:
1. Please email your entries to thebearproject@gmail.com
2. Have your email titled as "Story writing competition", easier for us to differentiate.
3. Include your name (nickname is fine), contact number & email address
4. You can attach your stories to us in any readable formats (ie. DOC, PDF, TXT etc.) or simply in the email itself. Please indicate to us clearly the start and the end of the story if so.

Submission deadline: (Extended!!!)
11th January 2009, Sunday

So what are you waiting for? Start those creative juices flowing now! :D

Our Sponsor:
TengaTango's Tenga - an adult novelty for men! Incorporating ergonomically and anatomically-correct designs, Tenga masturbation cups offer precise sensual pressures on the manhood for the most intense orgasms. Tenga cups mimic realistic sexual positions for ultimate male masturbation pleasure. Revive your sex life and drive yourself mad with pleasurable delights!

Here is a YouTube video that will further explain what Tenga is:

You are able to purchase them online at the local website here, going for USD$21.90 each. Pretty cheap as compared to those super expensive sex toys imported directly from Japan & the US that are sold here locally. For more information of these fabulous creations please visit their websites:

So please remember to submit your entries if you want to win one of these Tenga cups as there are a total of 6 to be given away to the best stories!

Thank you all & best of Luck!