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Friday, December 19, 2008

The Best Tunes/Remixes/Albums of 2008

A few of us in facebook have been compiling our top ten tunes/albums for the year 2008, and we thought would be fun to post them up and maybe to encourage others to talk about theirs. So do drop us your comments and tell us your top ten favourite tunes/remixes/albums!

I'll start, here's My Top 10 tunes of 2008 - (not in any particular order):

01 Stepping Stone . Duffy
(my fave track from the album, Rockferry period! And since Rockferry is my fave album of the year, guess this would be the best song of 2008 for me! Maybe it's the lyrics that hit a nerve or her passionate voice, it brought tears to my eyes the first time i heard this.)

02 Black and Gold . Sam Sparro
(This one is totally addictive! I couldn't stop tapping my feet everytime i hear this! Love the soulful voice!)

03 Blind . Hercules And Love Affair
(enough said abt this... was so good, i did a review earlier on this site!)

04 Green Light/Rope Of Sand . Jamie Lidell
(from one of my fave albums of 2008, can't decide which i like most :) On Greenlight, he sounded like what Sam Cooke would sound like in 2008, pure brilliance! And i love the lyrics of Rope of Sand, a haunting ballad, "So much I don't understand, but one thing I know, every day is a rope of sand, we should be learning to let it go.")

05 Out At The Pictures . Hot Chip
(opening track of their "Made In The Dark" album. It's a madcap, totally delicious & infectious offbeat piece of electro pop. It's New Order going a bit nutty!)

06 Piece Of Me . Britney Spears
(Other than Toxic, I think this is Ms Spears' best song ever! "Blackout" is also her best album ever. Too bad both the song and album were greatly ignored. Actually another track Radar is just as good...)

07 Make You Feel My Love . Adele
(Chills down my spine the first time i heard this. Just a soulful love ballad beautifully sung. At 19, she actually sounded like she has years of experience in love! It's the kind of songs i wish someone would make a love tape with, hahaha)

08 On My Shoulders . The Do
(Think pop-rock sound of The Cardigans meets offbeat creativity of Bjork, that's how i would describe this. Stumble upon them while reading some music magazine, was intrigued and downloaded the whole album. One of my best finds this year. Just love her warbling voice, it's fresh, moving and quirky all at the same time.)

09 Cobrastyle . Robyn
(I was hooked the moment she went "I press trigger, i don't press people's button"... There's so many great tracks on her self-titled album with tracks produced and written by The Knife (Who's That Girl) and the song that brought my attention to Robyn, Konichiwa Bitches. But this is my fave track. It's a 2006 track by Teddybears, a punk rock /ska track. Her version is catchy, fast and totally fun! It's for me the ultimate pop song this year!)

10 Because . Madita
(I have been trying to download her album "Too" :p But only managed to get this song! hahaha, but it's ok cos it's one of my most played songs this year on my ipod. She sounds like Fiona Apple went jazzy. It's the song to play whenever i'm down. Totally perk me up!

Hear from you guys! Vitalauto


VitalAuto said...

My Top Ten Dance Remixes of 2008:

01 Cold Shoulder (Basement Jaxx Remix) . Adele
02 The Girl You Lost To Cocaine (Stonebridge Remix) . Sia
03 D.A.N.C.E. (MSTRKRFT Remix) . Justice
04 Kids (Soulwax Remix) . MGMT
05 Electric Feel (Justice Remix) . MGMT
06 Goodbye 70's (Black Light Odyssey Remix) . Yazoo
07 Happiness (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Re-Animation) . Goldfrapp
08 Take A Trip (Bryan Jones Remix) . Elle Scott
09 Funplex (Peaches Pleasure Seeker Remix) . B-52's
10 Lovelight (Soul Seekerz Vocal Mix) . Robbie Williams

VitalAuto said...

My Top Ten Albums of 2008 (not in any order except Duffy being Numero Uno):

01 Rockferry . Duffy
02 Some People Have Real Problems . Sia
03 Jim . Jamie Lidell
04 Made In The Dark . Hot Chips
05 A Mouthful . The Do
06 Robyn . Robyn (released in 2005 in europe, only 2008 in US)
07 Seventh Tree . Goldfrapp
08 Hercules And Love Affair . Hercules And Love Affair
09 Sam Sparro . Sam Sparro
10 Something Else . Robin Thicke

special mention: Watershed . K.D. Lang & Coldplay's Viva La Vida

minimach said...

Best Albums of 2008 in my book:

1) Seventh Tree -Goldfrapp (Their best yet!)
2) Rockferry -Duffy (Made me cry)
3) I Know You Are Married But I've Got Feelings Too -Martha Wainwright (Best torch songs that i can really relate to!)
4) Viva La Vida -Coldplay (Best rock band ever!)
5) Perfect Symmetry -Keane (Perfect mix of rock and electronica)
6) Hard Candy -Madonna (Not her best, but the Queen of Pop made me notice The Neptunes!)
7) Partie Traumatic -Black Kids (Cutest Retro Rock Ever!)
8) Youth Novels -Lykke Li (Sweetest, Hippest, Unconventional songs on this planet!)
9) Renaissance- the Masters Series Part 10 by Dave Seaman (Best Party and Sex music!)
10) Santogold -Santogold (A mix bag of Rock and Trip Hop Gems with R&b roots)

Other Notable mentions are: MGMT's Oracular Spectacular, Adele's 19 and Ting Tings's We Started Nothing. But they were not consistent enough to make it into my Top 10.

Just listened to Glasvegas's Glasvegas, Ladytron's Velocifero and Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago. All quite consistently good too. Stand out were Bon Iver's Flume. Very minimalist guitars with interesting soundscapes. Reminds me of Brokeback Mountain's OST!

Comments comments?

rookcub said...

This is my top 10 list of albums

1. "Seventh Tree" - Goldfrapp
When I first heard "A&E" on ITunes, I stopped whatever I was doing and had to switch anything that was making noise off (the TV, the fish tank). Then the album came out and I was completely bowled over by the opener "Clowns", which was a sort of Cocteau Twins meets Joni Mitchell meets Kate Bush. A lot of people said: "what's so original about going back into folktronica?". But I think that given their history and where music is going now, I thought it was a brilliant and original left turn, perfectly executed.

2. "Third" - Portishead
Amazing sounds, moods and textures that you never thought this bunch of oldies could still produce.

3. "Heretic Pride" - Mountain Goats
Steadily becoming one of my favourite bands, despite the singer having a really whiny voice. More sad, lonely and hopeful than ever before. Check out "San Bernadino"

4. "Made In The Dark" - Hot Chip
So much has been said already. I just want to add that I like them partly because they are really very good at making these sounds that really turn me on - the sound of Mute Records between 1982 and 1985, the sort of thing you hear on Depeche Mode remixes of that time.

5. "Modern Guilt" - Beck
Loved "Sea Change", so I loved this. Not as good as "Sea Change" though.

6. "Fordlandia" - Johann Johannsson
He's a modern composer that makes cinematic instrumental music. I like him because of the tremendous sadness in his pieces, the same sort of sadness that was in some of Lisa Gerrard's solo albums. Listen first, before you say it is "atas" music. It's usually filed under "electronica" by the way.

7. "Partie Traumatic" - Black Kids
Discovered this very late in the year, thanks to vitalauto and minimach :) Impossibly glamorous, sexy and energetic retro 80s indie rock updated for a new generation.

8. "Red" - Guillemots
Received really bad reviews but I somehow liked its drama, over-the-top, almost Trevor Horn arrangements. And I thought the songs were quite well-written too.

9. "Watershed" - k.d. lang
Contemplative, emotional and elegant, one of her best.

10. "Youth Novels" - Lykke Li
Some of the songs sounded a bit over-produced (too stylo!). But overall, a very refreshing sound!

Other good albums of 2008:

"A Mouthful" - The Do
"Hard Candy" - Madonna
"Oracular Spectacular" - MGMT
"In Ghost Colours" - Cut Copy
"Saturdays=Youth" - M83
"Viva La Vida" - Coldplay

TVfan82 said...

oo-er, basement jaxx remix of adele's cold shoulder???!! I want to hear that! I tink I might need to steal your music collection!

VitalAuto said...

TVfan82: i have sent you the link to download the remix in facebook :) Enjoy!

Sex Toys said...

A piece of me anyday, everyday