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We are a local gay community group where size matters. Our events aim to create a friendly environment where bears, cubs, “G-men” and other stocky and big-sized men – as well as the guys who love them – can hang out, exchange ideas and ming

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The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. That doesn't mean that God doesn't love heterosexuals. It's just that they need more supervision.
~Lynn Lavner

Monday, October 29, 2007

Updated: Chalet Fund Collection

Notice: I am sorry to inform all that there will be no physical BBQ on that day, due to the fact that its a weekday, most people are coming straight from work and would be too tired to fuss over BBQ logistics. (From my survey, the BBQ pit is far away from the entrance of the chalet and not very well equipped.) There will still be BBQ food like Satay & Otah but no sweaty BBQ action... I do not compromise on food!!! I apologize for any inconveniences and misconceptions. But not to worry, at least no need to stress about the BBQ part... just eat, relax and enjoy! :)

The collection of funds for the chalet was extremely successful and we from TBP would like to express our thanks and appreciation to you guys for making the effort to come down just for payment. It was also fun to know some of the faces behind the nicknames! *hehehe*

So those who haven't paid (or unable to pay cos' you went overseas etc.) can either proceed to pay on the chalet day itself, or you can email to thebearproject@gmail.com for the account no. to transfer the money to (we would prefer internet-banking rather than ATM transfer).

Once again, a big thank you to all and will see you guys at the chalet next week!

sincerely yours,
Asimov_22, VitalAuto, Universek, Thwl & Martinn

Saturday, October 20, 2007

(Closed) THE BRAVE ONE (20 October 07, Saturday)

Venue & Time is changed, posting is closed... sorry :)

It's Jodie Foster! :) One of my favorite actresses!

New York radio host Erica Bain has a life that she loves and a fiancé she adores. All of it is taken from her when a brutal attack leaves Erica badly wounded and her fiancé dead. Unable to move past the tragedy, Erica begins prowling the city streets at night to track down the men she holds responsible. Her dark pursuit of justice catches the public's attention, and the city is riveted by her anonymous exploits. But with the NYPD desperate to find the culprit and a dogged police detective hot on her trail, she must decide whether her quest for revenge is truly the right path, or if she is becoming the very thing she is trying to stop.

Venue: Orchard Cineleisure
Date: 20.10.07
Time: 9:25pm
Dinner: foodcourt at the basement, 8pm

Do let us know asap if you're interested. Posting will end by Next Thursday midnight for us to get the tickets! :)

check out this link for more details on the movie.

See you guys soon!

Friday, October 12, 2007

(CLOSED) How bout' a game of Tennis? 14 Oct 07 (Sunday)

Latest: Just a reminder, those who have signed up pls meet directly at the Condo. And pls bring extra BALLS cos we may not have enough! Thanks!

Odac have already booked 1 tennis court, therefore we are limiting the no. of people going. I think there are newbies and veteran players here, so its a good opportunity to gauge your skills?

Dear fellow bears & bears-alike,

Time to shift our attention towards smaller balls for now, Tennis. Stonedwin & Odac had suggested that we should play a game or two of tennis! I'm not too sure how many of you here plays tennis... but if you don't, perhaps its a good opportunity for you to pick up the basics?

Details are as follows:

Date: 14 Oct 07 (Sunday)
Venue: Casablanca Condo, 21 Rosewood Drive (Near Woodlands Ave 1), See map attached.
Time: 9am - 12pm

"From Woodlands Interchange u can take feeder service 912 (not counting the interchange stop) alight at the 20th bus stop and walk into Rosewood Drive. Alternative is to walk from the centre..." - Odac