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The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. That doesn't mean that God doesn't love heterosexuals. It's just that they need more supervision.
~Lynn Lavner

Thursday, January 31, 2008

(Closed) Persepolis - 5th Feb 2008 (Tuesday)

Try to turn up earlier to do your collection of tickets from Gatsu if possible... & DO NOT BE LATE!

Okie as stated, this event is closed. Thanks guys! :)

Dear bear bears,

Gatsu's affiliated friends from Festive Films were kind enough to give us 12 tickets for the animation/film Persepolis. You can find out more about it at their website. If the response is very good, they can increase the no. of tickets to 20. (That is IF the response is good...)

Story line:
Oscar nominee for Best Animated Feature Film and Cannes winner, Persepolis is the poignant coming-of-age story of a precocious and outspoken young Iranian girl that begins during the Islamic Revolution.

Date: 5th February 2008 (Tuesday)
Time: 7pm
Location: Shaw, Prince (Beach Rd, Shaw Towers)

So those who are interested please RSVP by latest 3rd Feb 12 midnight!!

Those Interested:
  • XiaoYao
  • Balenciaga
  • Universek
  • Vitalauto + 3 friends
  • Kit_sg
  • Han
  • Otto
  • Stonedwin
  • Siberian
  • Alaskan
  • Tanuki
  • Cub4u33

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Market of Artists & Designers (MAAD)

Hey guys, this weekend, MAAD is back at the Red Dot Design Museum. It's a market for original creative works, serve as an platform for budding artists and designers to test and sell their creative works.

Check out their website for more information of the event.

Since we are planning our own art auction drive, this would be a good event to check out and see what's out there :) Plus our beloved Ngarte will be 'selling' heads at a friend's stall (website)... so think it would be a good event to attend for people who are interested in art and design. Also maybe to grab something beautiful for Valentine's Day for your love ones.

A group of us are planning to visit, so do join us, let's just meet at the location itself.
Date: 3rd February 2008, Sunday
Venue: Red Dot Design Museum (general info)
Time: 2pm

Hope to see you guys, come and join us and support our local artists and designers!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

British Gay Travelocity Commercial

Thanks to Cub4U33 for sending this to me, just wanna share with the rest fo you! FUNNY!

Love & Pride Film Festival

Wow! Singapore's first Gay Film Festival! It's about time! Yay! Cheers to Golden Village! Featured Movies are Metrosexual, My Summer of Love, Quinceanera, Spider Lillies, Brokeback Mountain, Eternal Summer, and Poltergay. Well, the selection ain't that great.... er, Poltergay?!!! But nonetheless, for people who have not seen these movies (don't bother with Poltergay... trust me...), should support it!

It's a start and hopefully, it'll grow to be a bigger and better film festival!

for more information, check out their website.

(Closed) 27 Dresses, January 25, Friday

Posting is closed! (So few people watching???) asimov_22
Yah loh, all refuse to admit they like chick flick! :p vitalauto

Jane is idealistic, romantic and completely selfless--a perennial bridesmaid whose own happy ending is nowhere in sight. But when younger sister Tess captures the heart of Jane's boss - with whom she is secretly in love - Jane begins to reexamine her "always-a-bridesmaid..." lifestyle.

From the screen writer of "Devil Wears Prada" comes the much anticipated movie, 27 Dresses! Starring Katherine Heigl after her delightful debut "Knocked Up". Directed by Anne Fletcher who was second unit director for "Hairspray." Yes, I know it's chick flick, but it's looking to be a really funny, heartwarming guilty pleasure :)

So do hope you can join us! Do reply asap, listing will close January 23, Wednesday, 6pm.

Date January 25, Friday
Time 7:25pm
Place Orchard Cineleisure

chick flick lovers:

  • Vitalauto
  • Universek
  • Xiaoyao
  • Tanuki
  • Cub4U33

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Asian Divas Singing "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going"

I've always thought asians can never sound like Divas, until i saw these two clips! My jaw totally dropped! Saw Charice on Ellen today! She's superb considering she's only 14! Well, you gotta ignore the pronunciation.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

(Closed) Calling All Animal Lovers - Day Trip to NANAS on 26 Jan 08

This Post is closed, those who are can't make it this time round can sign up for the next trip! Thank you...

Dear fellow bears,

some of us are suggesting a trip to NANAS (Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary) on the 26th Jan 08, which is a Saturday. One of our fellow friend, Saltwetfish is an avid animal lover who had suggested this trip because of his love for animals and he wants to show us different things we can do to help them. Here are some pictures of his previous trip to NANAS.

NANAS was formally from Singapore and was set up by Raymund Wee in 1995, in the Jalan Kayu area. Due to problems in getting a renewed land lease, Raymund had to close up his sanctuary and finally settled in Johor Bahru.

Currently we have 6 interested parties with 2 cars (we can take 2 more with the current number of cars). However if there are more, then there is an option of hiring a private bus which can take 10 people. Cost can be split up and shared among individuals which is not expensive. If not, you will need a car for traveling! :)

Suggested itinerary for 26th Jan:
1200 pm - Meetup at noon 12 pm
1230 pm - Head to Gelang Patah for lunch
1400 pm - Visit NANAS, play with dogs and cats
1730 pm - Head to makan place at Gelang Patah
1830 pm onwards - head back to SIN

So please do sign up if you are interested. Since there will be some logistics involve, I will close this post by 21st January.

Those Interested :

  • Han (Driving, can take 4)
  • SaltWetFish (Driving, can take 4)
  • Crewcut
  • Vitalauto
  • Universek
  • Ngarte
- I think the bigger-sized guys can take a taxi or something... right?

Friday, January 4, 2008

(Closed) My Blueberry Nights, 11 January, Friday

This post is hereby closed!

We are back! Here's the first movie for the year! Can't think of a better one than a Wong Kar Wai's movie!

In Wong Kar Wai's debut English language feature, the internationally acclaimed director takes his audience on a dramatic journey across the distance between heartbreak and a new beginning.

After a rough break-up, Elizabeth (played by songstress Norah Jones in her screen debut) sets out on a journey across America, leaving behind a life of memories, a dream and a soulful new friend; a cafĂ© owner (Jude Law)—all while in search of something to mend her broken heart. Waitressing her way through the country, Elizabeth befriends others whose yearnings are greater than hers, including a troubled cop (David Strathairn) and his estranged wife (Rachel Weisz) and a down-on-her luck gambler (Natalie Portman) with a score to settle. Through these individuals, Elizabeth witnesses the true depths of loneliness and emptiness, and begins to understand that her own journey is part of a greater exploration within herself. © Weinstein Company

Check out the trailer.

If you are a fan of Wong Kar Wai like me, do join us for this movie!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Taipei Aftermath

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone from TheBearProject a Happy New Year and may many good things to come and to look forward to in the year of 2008!

2007 ended rather quickly for some of us and many things had happened since then. Especially the founding of TheBearProject and knowing many wonderful friends. Of course in this new year, there would be many more projects and activities that we have in mind and I hope that you guys will continue to give us the support that you have already been giving us relentlessly.

As for Taipei, I believe all of us had a wonderful time and I must say it definitely brought us closer together in many different ways. Singaporeans being Singaporeans, we avoided the crowds and stayed somewhere "safe" during the countdown and so we missed the Taipei 101's fireworks and the party at Jump. But nonetheless, we had a great time at G-Mixi (a local pub owned by a Singaporean @ the Bear Village in Taipei) and the boss was extremely accommodating. I suppose he found it meaningful to have celebrated with us (as Singaporeans) and it was the Bear village's 1st New Year Party which was significant for the future and survival of these chains of pubs & cafes.

So for those who didn't go on this trip, I believe there will be plenty more to come. *apart from the headaches of logistics*

Here is a clip of what we missed in Taipei. Thank you YouTube! (Its as good as being there, only please turn down your speakers, there is a very annoying & noisy woman in the background...)

Once again, Happy New Year to all!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

WEARification.com - Apparels & accessories shop for Bears

From Teddym:

"YO guys Big size tees coming in on the 5th Jan 2008 (SAT)...

DOn't miss it! cause big size comes in 5 pieces per design so that not everyone will end up wearing the same"


More pictures of Ts and accessories are available by clicking here. Thanks for the support!