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We are a local gay community group where size matters. Our events aim to create a friendly environment where bears, cubs, “G-men” and other stocky and big-sized men – as well as the guys who love them – can hang out, exchange ideas and ming

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The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. That doesn't mean that God doesn't love heterosexuals. It's just that they need more supervision.
~Lynn Lavner

Monday, March 30, 2009

(Closed) An Afternoon of Art / Sat 11th April, 12.30pm

Hi everyone,

Our first event for the month of April will be a bit of departure from all the "back to nature" events we've been having lately! It's time for a bit of culture, a bit of art ("Aarrrrt dahling, it's art!!"). Two fabulous exhibitions have opened in Singapore and they're only a stone's throw from each other (ok, maybe more like 200 metres, but you get the drift)!!!

First up... the "This Is Not A Print!" exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum's new edgy art space 8Q@SAM. It's otherwise known as the "old Catholic High School", which should make it doubly exciting for old boys of Cat High (like me) :)

Singapore Art Museum’s new contemporary wing, 8Q sam presents This is Not a Print!, a selection of over 70 multiples and prints from the Singapore Art Museum’s 1500-piece Tyler Art Collection. From Pop multiples prints by Jasper Johns and David Hockney to the sculpture and conceptual multiples by John Newman, Claes Oldenberg and Roy Lichstenstein, the exhibition traces the trajectories and convergences of the development of print making in Europe and America shaped by the concept of the Artist’s Multiple.

Then. it's across the road to the National Museum, where the costume design work of the incomparable Christian Lacroix is on show!!

The virtuoso haute couture designer Christian Lacroix, who is known for defining the look of the 1980s with its bright colours and extravagant embellishments, presents his splendid costume design work of 20 years for the ballet, theatre and opera in this exclusive exhibition. Lacroix's inspiration for productions such as Carmen, Gaité Parisienne, Othello, Cosi Fan Tutte and Phèdre are eclectic, drawing from a wide variety of sources, and are at once historical and yet modern. In Asia for the very first time, close to 80 spectacular costumes and 60 sketches from the collection of the Centre National du Costume de Scène (National Stage Costume Centre, Moulins, France) and from Lacroix’s personal collection, will take stage at the National Museum of Singapore from March to June 2009.

Here are the details:

"This Is Not A Print" / "Christian Lacroix The Costumer"

Date: 11th April 2009 (Saturday)
(Pls refer to the itinerary below)
Venue: 8Q@SAM (8 Queen St) & National Museum
Cost: $8 each for both shows

Deadline for signing up: No deadlines. But please add your names to the Comment section to sign up as usual.


12.15pm Everyone gathers at 8Q@SAM
12.30pm Guided Tour of "This Is Not A Print"
2.15pm Lunch & coffee
4.15pm Proceeed to National Museum
4.30pm Guided tour of "Christian Lacroix The Costumer"

Hope to see all you art lovers there!

The culture-vultures:
  • rookcub
  • asimov_22
  • universek
  • vitalauto
  • balenciaga
  • brick
  • bentobox
  • minimach + bf
  • hardcore
  • 常無
  • cub4u33
  • tanuki
  • han
  • otto
  • galactico
  • absolutmilo
  • ngarte
  • chunhao

Sunday, March 15, 2009

(Closed)The Bears go Night Safari! 28 March '09, Saturday, 6.45pm

Hi everyone,

Expecting a quiet entrance into Night Safari, we of TBP instead walked into an ambush of tourists and strange club music. A few toned man-bodies, scantilly-clad, were dancing on a stage surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of onlookers. Fortunately, the odd infusion of "native culture" did nothing to diminish the excitement of seeing a local attraction bustling with genuine anticipation. Seeing the massive crowd, you'd think we were visiting the Jungle section of Disneyland.

Thomas added to the cheer as usual. His supplementary commentary to our heavily-accented tram guide had us in stitches ("and over on your left, we have some hantus."), as the cool night air was pierced by the evil cackle of TBP's laughter. Frequently, the animals' face lit up into a sinister red glow. Fortunately, instead of a hunter's night-vision rifle, they were only staring into Gary's big, long camera lens. The animals tried their best to appear nonchalant. For once, the attractions did not end up on the dinner table for hungry bears. Gradually, even our bears' usual shenanigans gave way to hushed awe as we became totally immersed inside a night world we rarely have a chance to see. We saw the sexy, naked muscular curves of rhinos, crocs with bulbous snouts fed by some hot bearish zoo keeper and even a mountain cat cough up a fur ball. Around ten, we reluctantly left, beaming with pride that at least our country has one really, really cool spot!

We ended up in Upper Bukit Timah Beauty World stretch for dinner, coffee and finally terrorised McDonald patrons till 130am. The hot topic was whether gay stereotypes were valid - triggered by, amongst many other things, a really cute and butch TBP newcomer doing a dainty jigsaw puzzle of some Disney characters - and the conclusion was that we should just embrace ourselves, stereotype or otherwise.

Special mention of CH + KW. It is their 4th anniversary, making them the third known TBP couple to celebrate their unholy union at Night Safari. Thank you all for a roaring great time. To many many more happy gatherings! - Otto

Thebearproject is going to see creatures of the night. In the nice cool evening of the 28th this month, we will turn the spotlight and be amazed by the variety of living things that share our planet. The Night Safari is one of the best zoo attractions in Asia, a place where we can be proud to bring our foreign friends and also spend a unique time away from the usual shopping malls.

Date: 28th March 2009 (Saturday)
Cost: $22 entrance + $10 tram ride
Deadline for signing up: No deadlines. But please add your names to the Comment section to sign up as usual.


6.45 pm Everyone gathers at the Night Safari ticketing booth
7.15 pm Head-count and buy tickets (S$22 per person)
– check got any discounts??
7.30 pm ‘Creatures of the Night Show’ (30 mins)
8.15 pm Take ‘Tram Ride’ (45 mins) from outside the ‘Creatures of the Night Show’ venue
9.00 pm Take a ‘Forest Giant’s Trail’ walk (30-45 mins)
9.45 pm Gather at the Night Safari’s retail outlet
10.00pm Take ‘Bus Hub Service’ to city to chomp supper!
(Open to suggestions: Eg. Meritus Mandarin, DFS Galleria etc

The Bears:
  • Otto
  • Han
  • Universek
  • Vitalauto
  • Balenciaga
  • Davdaf
  • Chunhao
  • Kahwai
  • Rookcub
  • Asimov_22
  • Brick
  • Rubedo

Labels & Love, 28 March '09, Saturday, 2-5pm

Labels & Love
A collaboration by the youths of YOH, Queercast, dirrtyremixes and OC, for the youths

Have you tagged yourself or someone else today?
(Effeminate) (Promiscuous) (Bitchy) (Lipstick) (Activist) (Clubber) (Butch) (Confused) (Sassy)
The list goes on and on. Overwhelming isn’t it? So where do you find the (ME) in all of these tags? Do any of those tags above describe ME?

If you are between the age of 18-25yrs, join us for an afternoon of light sharing of personal stories and fun activities to get in touch with your inner self. Grab your buddies, grab your friends! Kindly note that registration is compulsory. Details are below.

Time: 2pm-5pm
Venue: The Hidden Host. 54 Blair Road Singapore 089954
Date: 28 Mar 09 (Sat)

Registration details:
To register, please send an email with the following details to events@oogachaga.com

Please rank in order of priority the top three themes you are interested in from the following four:
Self / Family / Friends / Community

For more information, visit http://www.oogachaga.com/ or call 626 86 626.

Friday, March 6, 2009

2009 MSM Sex Survey (1 March – 30 April 2009)

Hey Guys, we hope you guys will support this year's MSM Sex Survey by participating in the survey. Please click here to go to their site.

Information collected from this survey will help us understand you better, and be used to design more effective public health campaigns, especially HIV related ones. The data will also be used as a benchmark to measure if past initiatives have had any impact.

No personal information (names, email addresses, or personal identifiers) will be recorded, and all answers will be kept private and confidential, so please answer the questions as accurately and fully as you can.

Again in case the link above doesn't work for some reason... you can complete the survey at www.msmsexsurvey.com/