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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

(Closed) Short trip to Animal Shelter at NANAS again! Sunday, June 15th

Sorry the date has been changed. They are not open on the 14th. So now it's Sunday, June 15.

Thanks to SaltWetFish for organising this, it's back to NANAS again! The last trip from my own experience, was really fun and quite an eye-opener. I have never been surrounded by so many dogs! It's really a wonderful thing what they are trying to do for all these animals (there's cats, dogs, horses, etc).

check these sites for more information:

Ok the next visit is as follows:

Date: 15th June 2008
Time: around 12 noon - 7 pm (will update where to meet nearer to the visit)
Dinner: yummy zhi char dinner at Gelang Patah
Transport: Own self-drive or share car

We are now gathering the number of people who want to go so that we can arrange for cars/drivers to get us there. So please get back to us as soon as possible if you want to join us at NANAS. Also we will collect $20, $50, $100 or more from each person as donation to upkeep the sanctuary. Those not going but would like to contribute can also contact
Saltwetfish with your donation. We may also buy some cookies as treats for the dogs,
especially those still caged (due to various circumstances).

Ok hope to hear from you guys soon!

For photos to our last trip, can see here.

Animal Lovers:
  • SaltWetFish
  • Crewcut
  • Otto
  • Han
  • Universek
  • Vitalauto
  • Brick


Saltwetfish said...

The bear calendar still have title saying 14 june instead of 15 june.

Also how many car other than me and otto are we seeing now?

brick said...

yeah, i wanna go! SWF, can i join your car? I can go over to your place.

Anonymous said...

brick so far should be okay.

Anonymous said...

hey, can you make a last call and close it by this weekend. So we can count how many cars and extra seats we have loh. Some ppl in heartland may be interested but most of them don't have cars, if got extra space I would like to offer to them, if no one else here is interested lor.

HAN said...

ooi! can go morning or not? since u changed it to sunday. not good cause mon is a working day lahhhhhhh