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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Note To Share From Action For Aids

This information was relayed to me by SaltWetFish from TBP. We feel that this message from A.F.A. is important, especially crucial to partners, friends and family who are sexually active. This is just a reminder to all that the very least we can do is to be responsible to ourselves and our love ones, by USING PROTECTION at all times.

The Message from A.F.A.

*Community Announcement from Action for AIDS*

Dear members of the Singaporean Gay community

Action for AIDS received an email last week about a possible case of
infringement of the Infectious Diseases Act (IDA). The complainant emailed
to AfA and the Singapore Police Force, stating that he is able to provide
pictures and contact number of the accused. (See email below)

We are unable to ascertain the facts of this case at this point of time.

However we would like to highlight this incident and for you to consider the
following -

· Under the IDA anyone who knows that he has HIV, or has reason to
believe that he has been exposed to HIV, should inform his sex partners
before engaging in any sexual activities, and that there might be a risk of
contracting HIV from him. Failure to do so can result in criminal charges.

· Unprotected anal sex carries the highest risk of transmitting HIV.
If you are not absolutely sure of your sex partner's HIV status, you need to
protect yourself by using a condom during any sexual activities.

· Promotion of unprotected anal intercourse under the influence of
recreational drugs whether it be on the Internet chat lines or through other
ways should not be condoned. It is a sure way of increasing HIV transmission
among our community and works against all our interests. AfA would like gay
websites to take down such postings

· While most HIV+ gay men have taken measures to protect their
partners and themselves, there remains a small number who make deliberate
attempts to spread HIV. It is very difficult to identify and pin-point this
group of individuals. If you have information about such activities, you
should post them on the Internet channels.

There are many reasons why people still engage in unprotected anal sex.
we will try our best to educate and inform, we also hope that other
socially-conscious and informed members of the gay community will help to
spread the word as well.

We would like to encourage the community to stay vigilant to help curb the
spread of virus. Together, we can stop AIDS now.

Action for AIDS

*Email from complainant*

From: (deleted) [mailto: (deleted)@xxx.com]

Sent: May 2008

To: - (deleted)

Subject: HIV Infected in Singapore

Hi there,

I am from (deleted). I was tested HIV positive in Singapore last January
2008. I had my two tests before that: September 2007 in [another country]
and December 18, 2007 (DSC Clinic in Singapore.); both negative results.

I had unprotected sex with male Chinese Singaporean on December 14. Then
tested HIV positive for my employment requirements in end January. I was not
able to inform the guy about my health condition because I deleted his
contacts in my mobile phone after that meeting. I know it was him who
infected me.

Today, I came across him in gay site for singaporean men with this message:

"hi me flex chn (details deleted)..ru into raw chem fuck?"

I would like to believe that he's out there in Singapore trying to lure
everyone for an unprotected sex and not telling them about their HIV status.

Though nothing will change my HIV status right now, I believe I will save a
lot of guys from further destruction if he's really HIV positive. With
Singapore's small population there's a big chance of meeting an HIV positive
person like him.

I am willing to provide his photo and mobile number for proper action by
concerned authorities.

I love Singapore. I am looking forward to have a good life there but all was
lost. I am not blaming anyone nor him but at the end of the day... it will
be good if I spare others from the stigma of being HIV positive guy.

[name removed]

More information can be reached here:
- Asimov_22

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