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We are a local gay community group where size matters. Our events aim to create a friendly environment where bears, cubs, “G-men” and other stocky and big-sized men – as well as the guys who love them – can hang out, exchange ideas and ming

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The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. That doesn't mean that God doesn't love heterosexuals. It's just that they need more supervision.
~Lynn Lavner

Monday, October 12, 2009

(Closed) TBP's 1st ArchiTours, presented by ArchiFest 2009, 25 October 09, Sunday, 5-9 pm

UPDATES: Please note the details of meeting time & location, don't be late!!!

Date: Sunday, 25 October 2009
Meeting time: 4:45pm (Tour starts at 5pm sharp)
Meeting location: NLB Plaza
Tickets cost: $35 per head

Singapore has some fantastic architectural spaces and every year Architours are conducted to give us a more in depth introduction to what's new and cool in our city. ArchiTours are a celebration and exploration of the city’s best buildings, streets, and spaces. TheBearProject would like to invite you to our new icons of consumption :p ... an architour of iconic designs for surprising and delighting consumers to encourage them to spend! Here's a blurb from the website at: http://www.archifest.sg/index.php/humanity/event/architours_hype_hunt/tour

"The cross into the new millennium saw a huge increase in the popularity of iconic design, as well as a wider recognition of the value of creativity in both economic and human terms. For architects, the embrace of creativity in the city is about more than producing architectural icons. It is also about designing for surprise and delight – creating architecture that brings nourishment to its occupants while also perhaps setting and reflecting trends. In this tour we seek out some places and spaces of retreat, entertainment, and recreation that have delighted their occupants. Though these are manifestations of a society of consumption, they also give something back to the people of the city." - excerpt from ArchiFest 2009 website

Seats are going fast, so I will close this event by 18th October 5pm so please sign up fast for those who are interested. Thanks!

- Tanuki

The Journey-men:

  • Tanuki
  • Cub4u33
  • Rookcub
  • Asimov_22
  • Universek
  • Vitalauto
  • Han
  • Otto
  • 夏風
  • Sentry C
  • Made2Move
  • Better
Total: 12 pax


HAN said...

Please add HAN & OTTO thanks! :)

Better said...

Hi I'm interested tks!

Anonymous said...

HI please count me in! Sentry C here.

TheBearProject said...

Hi Better, I think you are not in our members list? Can you send me an email to thebearproject@gmail.com so as to get in touch with you for the event. Thanks :)