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The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. That doesn't mean that God doesn't love heterosexuals. It's just that they need more supervision.
~Lynn Lavner

Friday, June 19, 2009

TBP Healthy Sunday – HSBC Tree Top Walk @ MacRitchie Reservoir Park, 28 June '09

Dear All,

I sincerely thank you, friends and loved ones, for a really great time on Sunday morning. Beautiful-macho-funshine bears, comfortable surroundings, excellent weather and a peaceful environment had brought us joy and laughter.
Thank you for sharing all the sweet moments today. See you again at TheBearProject Anniversary chalet next month on 18/7/09.

With love always,

It's time for the bears to connect with mother nature again!

The HSBC TreeTop Walk (HSBC TTW) is the highlight of several long hiking routes in MacRitchie that brings you through different stages of mature secondary forest. The first of its kind in Singapore and in the region, this free-standing suspension bridge connects the two highest points (Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalang) in MacRitchie and offers a bird's eye view of the community of plants and animals that live in the forest canopy. The total length of the walkway is about 250m and its height from the forest floor varies, with the highest point at 25m.

Come frolic with me, Martinn, and other wonderful creatures from the wild, as we take in the sights and the fresh air!

The distance to the entrance of the TreeTop Walk is approximately 4.5 km (1.5 - 2 hour walk) from the MacRitchie Reservoir Park and 2.5 km (45 mins - 1 hr walk) from the carpark at Venus Drive. Therefore, a round trip including the TreeTop Walk is about 7 to 10 km (3-5 hours depending on your walking pace).

Date: 28th June 2009 (Sunday)
Time: 10:00am
Meeting point: MacRitchie Reservoir Park Carpark @ Venus Drive (off Upper Thomson Road)

*We will commence the walk at 10:30am sharp.
But no one likes to wait so let’s be early as we walk together hand-in-hand…

It's gonna be hot, so wear caps, sunblock, and bring enough water! I'll be bringing my brolly! ;)

Always fabulous,

The Fabulous Ones (29):
  • Martinn
  • Universek
  • Vitalauto
  • Balenciaga & Friend
  • Ngarte
  • Xiaoyao
  • Otto
  • Han & Friend
  • Stonedwin & Friend
  • Hawk
  • Bearyhorny
  • RobinL
  • Hanzi
  • KimB
  • RichieL
  • DLCH & Friend
  • Kyutogary82 & Friend
  • TVFan82
  • Scarletdraft
  • VicOwt
  • KahWai
  • Brwnbear
  • IsaacJH
  • SentryC


getafix21 said...

ok, I'll definitely be there. No back ing out this time

Anonymous said...

i m goin too


Anonymous said...

hey...count me in...


Anonymous said...

Hi I'm new to this group. I'd like to go too. See you guys there.


Anonymous said...

scarletdraft & TVfan82 - been quite awhile we see you guys.

SentryC - it'll be nice to have a new friend joining us.

Thank you guys for your support & see you all on Sunday.


getafix21 said...

Hi, I'm very sorry but I can't make it tmw.

I've been ordered by my reservist unit to stay home for 7 days. I'm not infected but they have told us to avoid crowds.

Around 20 people in my camp have kena H1N1 already

Anonymous said...

getafix21 - noted and take care