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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

(CLOSED) TheBearProject Goes to KL!!! (May 1-3)

Ok guys, now for one of the year's first major events...
A road trip to KL!!

The idea started when some of us got talking with some of the KL bears and thought it would be cool to do a KL-SGBear Exchange this year. SG bears would go up to KL for one weekend and they would host us, and they would come down and we would host them.

Tentatively, we are looking to go up to KL by luxury coach on the Labour Day weekend - leaving on Friday morning and coming back to Singapore on Sunday evening. That will be two nights in KL. We haven't nailed down a detailed programme, butI am trying to put together a "KL food tour" with makan places recommended by Straits Times food critic Wong Ah Yoke. If you haven't been to KL recently, I hear there are a lot of new malls that have opened up. Oh, there is also a big party over the long weekend which I hear a lot of the regional partygoers are going to.
Anyway, here are the details of the package we are considering. The coach is the "first class" type, double decker with a lounge downstairs and TVs in all the 29 seats. The company (Luxury Travel) is the one recommended by comedian Moses Lim.

The cost is as follows:
  • Twin sharing – S$ 236.00 per person

  • Single Room – S$ 369.00 per person

  • 3rd Pax – S$ 205.00 per person
The package includes:-
  • Return coach Singapore – Kuala Lumpur on Luxury Exclusive class double decker
  • 2 Nights Deluxe accommodation inclusive of breakfast at Sheraton Imperial or Hotel Istana or similar
Given that it includes two nights stay and first-class coach travel, we think the price is pretty reasonable (even in these tough times) and it will be more fun if we all stayed in the same hotel. Those who would rather drive or fly up, you're welcome to meet us there too.

Right now, we have already about 7-8 guys signed up. If we can get 27-28 guys to go, we can have the coach all to ourselves, which will be a lot more fun of course! So please let us know if you'd like to go. If you have any questions about the trip, please also do post them here and we'll get them answered.

Hope to hear from all of you. We're open to suggestions too about better tour packages or things we can do in KL.

Our last impromptu BearProject trip to Taiwan was really great fun and I'm sure this trip will be no different. So look up those schedules and block those dates now!! :)

The road warriors:

  • rookcub
  • vitalauto
  • universek
  • balenciaga
  • bp + friend
  • ds
  • zerogravity
  • allnamesused + bf
  • davdaf
  • hardcore
  • hellridered
  • relicz + bf
  • sunny
  • bian
  • kit_sg
  • saltwetfish
  • kahwai
  • hawk


Ronnie #@* said...

So does that mean I do get to join the fun in KL. By the way, I am from Sabah. LOL. Technically, I am not local to KL. So can I join?

VitalAuto said...

hey ronnie,
you can meet us in kl then. most likely we will all be staying in one hotel which will be confirmed soon.

Ronnie #@* said...

thanks for the info. dude... i might be staying with you guys if I happen to hang out late with you guys. I don't mind paying the extra bed. hopefully, there is someone willing to offer a homeless man a stay. :)

Ronnie #@* said...

I guess i will have to spend my nights living on the streets. lol

brick said...


A bear couple from JB runs the Restoran AJ (!?!) reputed for yummy classic Malay cuisine in the CHOW KIT area in KL. The following info is lifted from Utopia-Asia.

# AJ (Malay traditional cuisine)
50 Jln Lumut (off Jln Ipoh, not far from OTOT² sauna), 4044-8888, email. Dynamic duo, AJ and Ryu, are the super-Daddy couple who run this colorful and tasty restaurant. The decor is bright and bubbly, showcasing their collection of bears, Swatch watches, and Japanese beckoning cats. Retro Malay pop music accents the huge buffet spread of outstanding home-made traditional Malay curries, veggies, and specialties which you heap onto a plate of rice. Try the durian and barley porridge or the bananas in coconut cream for dessert.

Pictures of the restoran and owner:


Location map

VitalAuto said...

Thanks brick! great suggestion!

Ronnie: will let you know when we have a complete list of people going... then we will hook up the single people who are going and you guys decide who stays with who :)

hardcore said...

ok vitalauto....i think i will going alone by meself since my hubby cannot make it....:( BTW will you guys passing by KLCC??? hehehe for the first time stepping into Malaysia since working on a project at KLIA and never had the chance going to town....wanna get this chance to see the culture in KL...


Ronnie #@* said...

Yeah! I'm currently working in KL. Anyway, hanging out with you guys, I will expect to stay late. So, just let me sleep in your bathtub. Have you guys walked on the Petronas twin tower, Sky Bridge. It's gonna be cool to see TBP on top of everything. I know this place night market in Cheras is quite popular. If u guys wanna go there, we can plan a bus and see how things go. Let me know

Han said...

The malay cuisine is located near titiwangsa station
if u all need the his number let me know ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi... i'm new here... can i join in???

VitalAuto said...

sorry... you appeared anonymous here... cos you didn't sign in... sure you can, pls drop a mail to thebearproject@gmail.com with your contact details thanks!

Anonymous said...


For your info, on friday itself is a public holiday rite? according to my colleague usually there will be a heavy traffic jam to KL during the public holiday...u wanna departure on thursday nite instead...least of all of can have a rest after travel onboard the bus. estimate the travel by coach which will take at least 4~5 excluding the traffic jam... What do you think?


PS: Please kindly add hellrider as well

Chris said...

A few suggestions on the choice of bus/coach you can take. Choose the one that stops closest to your destination cause travel in KL without a car is a bitch.





Anonymous said...

hey how's the booking coming along?
have all the people here sign up already?


Hawk said...

i want to go

Hawk said...

hey, Bian, Derek Tan and I will be sharing a room if you can arrange. many thanks

VitalAuto said...

as spoken, hawk, pls confirm with derek, thanks!

Ronnie #@* said...

Countdown begins with 8 days to go... The most anticipated Malaysia trip of 2009. Yeah! Everyone is looking forward to meeting me. LOL... Who da hack is me? Anyway, be safe on the road and Make sure all the SG TBP dudes give me a big hug when we meet up. Don't be shy! Noone will recognize you here in Malaysia. As far as I am concerned, this is going to be a big group. I won't remember all your names. I might remember some names, usually the attractive ones. lol. Muakz luvyall

hawk said...

hi gary, can you give me information on the trip - where is the bus taking off, the hotel, etc - i haven't received any information so i don't know what to do.

Nickcub said...

Hey there guys i live in Singapore and didn't realize there is a bear community here !!! Suffice to say i'm thrilled . I am driving up to KL this weekend as well . Will you guys be going to any clubs or parties whilst in KL where i might be able to meet the group ? Pretty shy guy here. I would have joined the bus group had i know earlier.

Ronnie #@* said...

It's okay Nickcub. No worries. You can always join the party. Yeah! I live in KL/PJ. I am waiting for all of you. Be safe on the road. I am shy too. To be honest, I have never met the group coz I am too far away from SG. Keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

is this outing still open? :-)

VitalAuto said...

Nickcub/Anonymous: you can still join us on the coach cos we have a couple of ppl who pulled out last minute. If interested pls email me at vitalauto2003@gmail.com

i can then forward you the itinerary. yes, we intend to go clubbing at some point. hear from you guys!

Wind said...

Have fun bears :)