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Sunday, November 30, 2008

(Closed)Trail Walk @ The Southern Ridges, Sunday 30 November '08, 8.30am

Thanks to VitalAuto who organized this trail walk! Honestly, I didn't expect it to be this... erm, tiring. Well blame it on my physical condition! Anyways, it was quite fun exploring the nature parks with friends and very soon hopefully, we'll have the Pulau Ubin cycling trip sometime soon next year! - Asimov_22

Note: Change in Venue to meet!
We have decided to meet at VivoCity Interchange (opposite VivoCity, can have breakfast first at hawker centre). We'll be walking the other way around, starting from VivoCity. Sorry for the last minute change cos after discussing with Xiaoyao who has done the walk, it's easier to start at VivoCity and walk from there, he'll be our guide :) It's also an easier location to meet up. Please do help to inform your fellow friends who are joining us for the walk! Thanks!

It's been months since our last outdoor events (Paintball Warfare & Pulau Ubin)! I thought we should all checkout The Southern Ridges Trail Walk.

The 9km chain of green spaces spans across Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, Kent Ridge Park and ends at West Coast Park, each seamlessly linked by foot trails and connection bridges.

For our trail walk, the journey starts at VivoCity where we will gather.

For this walk, we will cover:
Canopy Walk

Telok Blangah Hill Park

Alexandra Arch

Henderson Waves

Mount Faber Park

and the trip will end in Kent Ridge Park where we will head to somewhere (suggestions?) for a nice lunch :)

Here's pictures from someone's flickr site to give you an idea what this trail walk covers.
Kent Ridge Park to HortPark
HortPark to Telok Blangah Hill Park via Alexandra Arch
Telok Blangah Hill Park to Mount Faber Park via Henderson Waves
Mount Faber Park to Harbourfront MRT

So hope to see many of you there at the trail walk :) I know it's early, but hey, it's just one sunday! :p It's fresh air, exercise and beautiful sites!

Date: 30 November, Sunday
Time: 8.30am
Venue to meet: Interchange opposite VivoCity

See you guys soon!

Don't be late! It gets really hot, really fast. So we should start early while it’s a little cooler. From different sites I've read, it takes about four hours to complete the whole walk at a moderate pace. More if you want to take in the sights.

Please bring: lots of water, snacks, sunblock, a cap. Wear good walking shoes and clothes you can perspire in.


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Jason said...

hihi, I'll be joining the bear walk with marcus... both of us really need the cardio hahahaha =P

TheBearProject said...

Hmmm Is that you BEaryhorny??? hehehe

Han said...

and i will be oversea again >.<
alway miss out all the fun .........

Saon6 said...

Ah nice, count me in on the walk :)


Anonymous said...

I'm in. :) Take note hor. It's *very much* easier on the legs to start at the Vivo end and walk *downhill* to the Canopy Walk rather than the other way round. We can always take a bus to Vivo after we're done. It's just a couple of bus stops.

- xiaoyao

tvfan82 said...

sounds cool, have always wanted to try out the walk, count me in!


Anonymous said...

Sound interesting. I will participate with a friend. DLCH here. :)

Asimov_22 said...

XiaoYao, you done it before ah? In that case I'll rather op for a downhill walk *hahaha*

piggywiggie said...

me too :)

HAN said...

Han & Otto and Mantou please, thanks

Han said...

missing out so much thing when i'm not in sg >.<

lightage said...

im in ! i actually like walking. :)

Anonymous said...

Me BF also wants to go. Add him in, please. - xiaoyao

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have done the walk before. With Adlus during Indignation this year. And yes, I see the arrow coming, so I suppose I can lead the way (that is, if I can remember the route. Hehe.) We really should start at the Vivo end hor. - xiaoyao

kit_sg said...

Count me in tks.

Hawk Liu said...

I shall attend

Anonymous said...

Count me and odac pl. tks


lightage said...

so are we starting at the vivo end ? it'll be easier to meet too ! (pretty please ? haha... :D)

stonedwin said...

Actually thats a valid point. Maybe quite hard for ppl to gather at kent ridge park. Its quite a climb up too if i remember correctly. Only drove up there before. Most ppl would probably have to find their way there early in the morning.

VitalAuto said...

ok since many of you have requested to start from VivoCity... i have changed the gathering point to interchange opposite VivoCity. Pls see the posting. dlch and koala_chan, can you contact me at 94595546, thanks! i need your numbers.

Koala_chan said...

Starting from Vivocity? Cool. There are some places for lunch below Kent Ridge Park or at Pasir Panjang.

Jason said...

Yah its me beary-erm O_O""
Regretfully marcus got to work, so its just plain old me coming for the walk. ^^

I'll be bringing a can of pain-relief spray, some water bottles, some titbits, see wat i can get in the morning =D

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the great hike this morning. It was damn bloody hot and humid, and my legs are still crying murder now as it is, but it was really great to see the bears out in force today. I haven't seen such an attendance for a very long time. Thanks for making the event a success, guys! :D


Robin said...

Count me in!!!