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~Lynn Lavner

Monday, March 10, 2008

Medium - Tv Series (NBC)

I must say that I am not publicizing for AXN channel or for NBC, but Medium is really a pretty good series not to be missed. Its a pity they don't have this in stores (at least not locally I think) and currently only aired on the AXN channel.

So all the night shifts I've endured during the weekends didn't go to waste, as I had the opportunity to watch this series at my own leisure! (I hope my boss don't see this... well double pun intended!) But what really strike me was the really clever and amusing script thats totally unconventional and non-linear, depicting what its like to be around the "Medium", Allison Dubois's everyday life (Starred by Patricia Arquette). The perfect marriage of everyday family drama infused with the sense of supernatural "tang" really defines the genre of Mystery and suspense, and at the same time putting forth a whimsical spin to the narrative. (But that is a really general explanation of what it is about... Read more about it at NBC's website.

What makes it even more exciting is her struggle with her abilities (Which is not like what you see in Heroes...) of ESP and precognition with her career as a "consultant" for a local District Attorney. It is interesting how she got into the job as a consultant as she does not have any relevant Law Degree nor experience. So all of her talent lies in her revelations and precognitions of murders (that comes to her in her sleep as dreams) and clues she provides to the Police Department, to help solve crimes and capture mass murderers. In which she was then questioned in the eye of the Law, whether her abilities are credible and should she be recognized for her work as a consultant. There is one particular episode where she was forced to lie in court during a trial as the US Justice system will not take her claims as a legit source.

Allison Dubois is a real person living in Phoenix, Arizona in the US who wrote several books dealing with the aspects of dealing with spirits and mediumship. This series Medium, is actually inspired by her work as a Jury consultant and solving crimes for Texas Rangers and the Glendale, Arizona police department. You can read more about her here

Well I'm not so keen on reading her books, but I do recommend that if you are into the supernatural and good entertainment, Medium, Tv Series Season 1 & 2 are available on Amazon or all the other major online book stores. Here's an extended preview of the show from youtube. Enjoy!

- Asimov_22


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