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Sunday, January 13, 2008

(Closed) Calling All Animal Lovers - Day Trip to NANAS on 26 Jan 08

This Post is closed, those who are can't make it this time round can sign up for the next trip! Thank you...

Dear fellow bears,

some of us are suggesting a trip to NANAS (Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary) on the 26th Jan 08, which is a Saturday. One of our fellow friend, Saltwetfish is an avid animal lover who had suggested this trip because of his love for animals and he wants to show us different things we can do to help them. Here are some pictures of his previous trip to NANAS.

NANAS was formally from Singapore and was set up by Raymund Wee in 1995, in the Jalan Kayu area. Due to problems in getting a renewed land lease, Raymund had to close up his sanctuary and finally settled in Johor Bahru.

Currently we have 6 interested parties with 2 cars (we can take 2 more with the current number of cars). However if there are more, then there is an option of hiring a private bus which can take 10 people. Cost can be split up and shared among individuals which is not expensive. If not, you will need a car for traveling! :)

Suggested itinerary for 26th Jan:
1200 pm - Meetup at noon 12 pm
1230 pm - Head to Gelang Patah for lunch
1400 pm - Visit NANAS, play with dogs and cats
1730 pm - Head to makan place at Gelang Patah
1830 pm onwards - head back to SIN

So please do sign up if you are interested. Since there will be some logistics involve, I will close this post by 21st January.

Those Interested :

  • Han (Driving, can take 4)
  • SaltWetFish (Driving, can take 4)
  • Crewcut
  • Vitalauto
  • Universek
  • Ngarte
- I think the bigger-sized guys can take a taxi or something... right?


ngarte said...

eeeeeeeee.. the heading is "Calling All Animal Lovers".. not calling all lovers.. how come all sign up in pairs one!.. hng!

visvitae said...

LOL... i notice that the outing is positioned between 2 meals! u sure this is not a gathering for foodies??? then again... we are catering to bears... and bears have to eat....

良的摄影之旅 said...

nice add me and bengzom

quest said...

sorry me and bengzom have some urgent thing cant go sorry