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Friday, November 9, 2007

LupCheong's Field Report on TBP's Chalet (Taken from BlowingWind Forum)

The Bear Project Chalet 7 Nov 2007

I attended The Bear Project Chalet Gathering for the first time on Deepavali Holiday eve which was held at Aloha Changi Chalet K.

Upon reaching the chalet and fearing I could have trespassed into the wrong chalet, a large rainbow flag greeted me prominently at the front porch of the chalet building reassuring me that I had arrived at the correct destination. ph34r.gif

The organisers and helpers were seen busy decorating the entrance and living room with party balloons and making some last minutes touches to create a party atmosphere for everyone.

The theme for this party was Pride Bear Troopers and the dress code was strictly Bermudas or shorts and tank-tops / singlets / sleeveless T-shirts.

The food caterer had already arrived and was busy laying out the mouth-watering food for this get-together party.

7pm came and went and everyone who had registered to attend this chalet gathering seemed to be fashionably late as I loitered around the front entrance of the chalet. As a crowd of 60 attendees was expected, the organiser had proficiently prepared a walk-in registration table for the unavoidable attendance taking.

Wearing muscles revealing sleeveless T-shirts, tank-tops or singlets, more and more body beautiful bears and their admirers arrived and gamely displayed their name stickers on themselves while candidly posed for the designated camerawoman which is a fag-hag (I think!). biggrin.gif

Darkness fell and as majority of the participants had arrived, the organisers announced that it was time for the party to begin and started the buffet dinner close to the time of 8pm, much to the delight of all the hungry bears and admirers.

As more car headlights shoned into the front porch of the chalet signaling the arrival of more guests, everyone mingled around their own group and made small talks among themselves. While chatting with a friend, my eyes caught a glimpse of someone familiar in the sea of bears and admirers. It was the infamous Mr. Otto Fong who had made the headlines recently, mingling among the crowd.

After the sumptuous buffet dinner, the game organizers took much effort to usher the huge crowd of people into the living room of the chalet for the commencement of the game event.

As the light dimmed, a surprised birthday cake was dished out and everyone singed the Happy Birthday song to the surprised birthday bear Joe who gamely posed for a birthday shot of him French kissing his partner in front of everyone. What a sweet and loving couple! smile.gif

Let’s move on to the ice-breaking games! Everyone was grouped into teams of different colours for the game by dipping their hand into a box of coloured ping-pong ball and I was teamed together with Mr. Otto Fong’s group of 6 participants. tongue.gif

The first game the organisers had planned was the game Twister. This is the game that ties you up in knots while someone spins the dial and you move your hand and feet from one coloured circle to another.

Each coloured group send out one of their representative for each round and as Mr. Otto Fong gamely represented himself for the yellow team in the first round, cheers of "Go! Otto! Go! could be heard. Camera lights flashed and everyone cried out in infectious laughters and cheers as the 6 Twister participants contorted themselves like a mass orgy in order to win the game for their team. biggrin.gif

Eventually, one team was singled out to be the losing team and the punishment was to line themselves up on the grass patch outside while the remaining winning groups wickedly throw water bombs at them. It was such bad karma to be punishing the losers this way that I decided just to drop the water bomb on the floor instead. ph34r.gif

On to the next game! Rags and Bones (I think!)

This game required each group to number each person in their team and when a number is called out, the designated number person of the team had to sprint towards a prized shoe placed strategically in the centre of both teams. The winning team would be the one who managed to “steal” the shoe back to their safe zone without being tapped by their opponent when the prized shoe is in their possession.

It was fun seeing everyone trying to outwit one another in order to grab the shoe back to their safe zone and there was one instance when Mr. Otto Fong sort of moon-walked himself back to the safe zone at the same time making sure that he is not being chased and tapped by his opponent. It was such an entertainment seeing him in action! bw2/thumb.gif

Eventually the losing team once again faced the punishment of being bombarded by water bombs as I made my way to the kitchen to have a drink.

The 3rd game was a childhood game called “Blow Wind Blow” – blowing wind perhaps? biggrin.gif also known as “大风吹”.

This game required everyone to be seated on a chair forming a circle facing each other. There would be two chairs short and the loser would be the two person left standing in the centre of the circle without a seat. When this happens, the two person left standing would be required to call out “Blow Wind Blow” and the rest of the group would reply back “Blow What?” (no, not blow that dick lah you pervert! biggrin.gif )

The two standing person would then decide on a designated common thing which most people would be wearing or have done. Eg. Those wearing a watch…. And those who are actually wearing a watch are required to exchange seats with someone across the seated circle.

The panic among everyone escalated as more common things were shouted out in reply such as those wearing bermudas, those who wear condoms during sex and those who are wearing underwears. biggrin.gif

The classic scene was when one of the standing losers shouted out “Blow those who had sucked cock before!”. biggrin.gif

Imagine the frantic panic everyone faced and virtually everyone had to exchange seats with one another knowing that eventually there will always be two seats short. It was hilarious seeing the panic faces on everyone, including me rushing frantically to find myself a new seat. tongue.gif

The losing person eventually has to drink a cup of volka as punishment which was more humane than the water bomb throwing I think!

Nearing midnight and with everyone pespiring and panting, the organizers announced that the last game would be treasure hunting and they had hidden 10 alarm clocks within the chalet premises and at the pre-assigned time, all the alarm clocks would sound and the participants just had to find the hidden alarm clocks by tracing their ringing alarms.

By now, I decided that it was time for me to depart and it was indeed a memorable time for me in this bear project event and I could see and feel the close camaraderie among this fun loving bear fraternity. Well done Brothers! bw2/thumb.gif

- posted by LupCheong, Nov 09 2007 in Blowingwind Forum (Thank you Lupcheong!)

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Hardcore said...

Hey dear all projectbear Blog Master and Organiser,

Thanks for organising this a great event for all of us and even planned such a memorable bday for me... I am really touched...

3 Cheers for you guys for all the effort and hard work you have done for us.