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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Balenciaga Writes: Meeting with Chris Steele, the opening of Gorgeous...

This is probably the biggest coup in the Singapore gay scene... An award winning, sexy, hunkalicious, son-of-a-gun gay porn actor turned director turned producer for Falcon and Jet Set Studios Chris Steele was in town to open a new tanning salon/ Chill-out bar Gorgeous Solarium along the neon lit street of Duxton Road taking up both the 52/53 units... I remember it was many years back when i chanced upon the movie Czech Point where Chris Steele got it hot and heavy with Pavel Novotny... That scene should be enshrined in the Gay Movie Hall of Fame!!!!!! It is STILL one of the hottest scene EVER to be done... Bar None!!!!! (wipe sweat off from brow). It was no wonder that my astigged eyes newly popped out when Asi wrote that Chris Steele was going to be in town and not only that, there's gonna be a Meet-&-Greet session for the fans!!! My heart was beating way too fast to be beneficial to my health but i did plucked up the courage to sign up...

Gorgeous Solarium was an interesting place, the all white decor filtered with blue lights gives it a modern futuristic air and the individual room were fairly large and is equipped with a tanning booth, a large mirror, a rack to house your personal belongings and a hook to hang your clothes. The showers were just tip-toes away from the room to wash off any greasy special tanning formulas you have to lather yourself with to go into the booths... Personal, i have never been to a tanning salon, so i dun really know what to expect, but in all honesty, it felt like a REALLY, REALLY high class bathhouse... No offence to the owners of Gorgeous, in fact it's more of a compliment...

A few of the guys were giving the place a good look around when Chris Steele was ushered into the meet-&-greet area... Donned in the white and orange trimmed Gorgeous T-shirt, Chris Steele looked clean shaven and fresh... He shook everyone's hand, introduced himself and joked that he'll probably not remember anyone's name since it was quite a turnout. Standing at slightly shorter than 1.8m, Chris Steele isn't exactly the tall, hardcore looking guy one makes him out to be... In fact, one can sense a bit of shyness from the gay porn icon. We talked about his experience in Singapore (he ate durians altho he doesn't love it, he'll probably not order it again), the gay clubs he has been to, his new job at Jet Set studios, what was it like working in Falcon, how long it took for Chi Chi LaRue to put on her make up and hair (2 hours!!! ONLY!!!), where he came from etc. He even showed the guys the picture he took in his new office in Jet Set and told us to go to his MySpace blog to get up-to-date info of himself.

Of cos after the short meet-&-greet session, it comes down to the shameless 'asking for autographs and photo taking' session... In fact he was the first to wanna take picture with the guys (now HOW sweet is THAT!!!) and the guys started pulling out their cameras and i pulled out the pictures i wanted him to autograph for me. "To Thomas, All the Best. For You, Chris Steele" was what he wrote on my blown up picture of him... I asked him to sign another autograph for the guys in BearProject who couldn't make it and he penned "All the guys in Bear Project, Thanks for a great time in Singapore! Chris Steele" (Discretion is advised) Chris later gave us a little tour of the place and i could hear guys whispering 'Is it him???? Yeah!!!!! It's him!!!!!' as we walk pass them. He later told us that he'll be heading to Taboo for a little meet and greet session and i bet many of the guys will be squealing and cooing over him... I later thanked Tim, the guy that help make this little gathering possible. He was an absolute angel and i told him i was surprise there wasn't any hard selling to the guest and he simply just laughed and said 'Hey, it's a party!!!! Just enjoy the food and drink and have a great time!!!' Now that's what i call A Class Act... ;)

- Balenciaga

Balenciaga is a fellow friend of ours, helpful enough to help us write an account of his experience for the Chris Steele Meet & Greet session that happened on 29th Sept @ Gorgeous Tanning Salon & Chill-out Bar. More pictures are available here. Thanks again Balen! - Asimov_22

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From a friend who was also at the opening: http://kissingpanda.livejournal.com/282019.html