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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

(CLOSED) Oh My God... Chris Steele is in town?!?

Attention people!

Please remember that if you want to take photos with Chris, bring your own cameras... Unfortunately me & VitalAuto can't make it for this event, so I've kinda appointed Balenciaga to "represent" TheBearProject for this event.

I want to shout out to Gymaster for his efforts in helping us organizing this, so enjoy the *free* drinks and food while you're there!


Dear fellow Bears,

I'm just curious to know how many of you guys here actually know your 'BEAR' PORN STARS... Well I do know my favorite one AND HE'S IN TOWN... I thought I was dreaming but its true and its REAL. I got an email from a fellow member Gymaster who have ever so kindly shared with me that Chris Steele (An ex Falcon Video Porn Star, now Director... He is so hot!) will be attending an opening ceremony of a Tanning Salon here in Singapore. Gymaster is kind enough to make time out of Chris's extremely busy schedule to accommodate a meet & greet session exclusively for TheBearProject members only! This is a one time only guys!

Food & refreshments will be catered and taken care of by Gymaster and I will update once we get the details all sorted out. Tentatively, the meet & greet session will be on the 29th September, Saturday around 9pm. Also, there will be a limit to the headcount of 20 people so I will need a rough estimate who are interested. So please sign up asap...

Here is a Wiki link which you can check out about Chris Steele. (Just google lah, you'll see TONS of stuff of him) If you're still not sure who Chris Steele is... tsk tsk tsk... time to do some homework guys seriously... For those not into porn, don't bother to attend hahahah... :)

Event: Meet & Greet Session with Chris Steele
Venue: Gorgeous Tanning & Chill-out Bar, 52/53, Duxton Road (Tanjong Pagar),
Singapore 089516
Date: 29th September 07
Time: Tentatively 9pm
Purpose: Mingle, Chat and get-to-know

Details will be finalized soon. So interested parties please sign up ASAP. Thanks :)


Gatsu said...

count timberman in.. haha

Anonymous said...

Where will be the new tanning salon? N any ideal how many m/c they have?

asimov_22 said...


Pls ID yourself... Yes a Tanning Salon... I'm not sure if they need any MCs... most probably not. Its just an opening ceremony. If you ID yourself and tell me what you're trying to ask, I can help ya :)

Anonymous said...

Count me in baby!!!!!!!


stocky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stockysg said...

OMG! count me in!!

Anonymous said...

Wah! Chris Steele leh. I want to go too! Count me in! - xiaoyao

thwl said...

me me me! wow, must go see someone out of yr porn library... hehe

alaskan said...

Siberian and Alaskan. Where is Gymaster?

Anonymous said...

Interesting....cunt me in too


Anonymous said...

Oopps...sorry...it is count


Anonymous said...

Me also.


alaskan said...

oh Gymaster is a nick? then which salon is it?

asimov_22 said...

I have no idea... He didn't say leh, maybe when he finalises the details we'll know loh.

Anonymous said...

the tanning salon is somewhere in tanjong pagar.. not exactly sure where..

count me in as well..


Anonymous said...

Please cancel my attendance. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

ok, o'm gonna give this a try, count me in :P


Rik said...

This tanning place is like a few doors away from my office...

husky said...

hi hi! please count me in! can i also offer to towel him and if he is giving a demonstration, i chope first to assist in oiling him! *giggle*

Anonymous said...

Hey hey

Can count mi and my bf in as well ?

Anonymous said...

sorry for get to add vanyel1979 + bf

thwl said...

sigh... i dun think i can make it for this gathering anymore... pls strike me off... thanks.