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~Lynn Lavner

Monday, July 9, 2007

Smokers, It Isn't That Bad After all (St James Power Station)

I guess this post calls out to smokers who have been doubtful about going to clubs and not being able to smoke freely anymore... Well, the positive aspects seemed very promising as one will not smell like an ash tray especially in a smaller confined space anymore. Clubs and pubs that are smaller will cause inconvenience for non-smokers, worse for those who have health issues. So all in all, I think this legislation is somewhat good in that sense.

So my argument is this, since we smokers have already been through the 'out-of-cigarettes' ordeal in the middle of the night and there are no nearby 7-11 or 24-hour coffee shops for backups, desperate enough we might even take a taxi or walk 10km to get our cigarettes (That is the extreme example), then what is walking a few meters to a nearby designated smoking area in a club? Its nothing really, even if its heavily congested with other smokers or the contending efforts we got to go through to get there!

St. James Power Station was where I went last night(8th July, Sunday) just for this purpose. Oh by the way, St James on a Sunday is a GAY night. Cos I have been there a couple of times and I always found myself complaining that its too smoky (It gets pretty bad sometimes) and hot. Big clubs like these must have a good air circulation/flow, due to the amount of smokers and also ventilation for the dance floor. *Not a club-logistic person, just guessing*

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the smoking areas are well directed are big enough for at least 20 people to smoke at one time. There are a total of 3 areas, one is at the back-end of the club(next to a bar-counter's exit), another is a room-like area with a LCD Tv playing soccer and glass panels as walls, *good place for a good look at the 'good' people* and the last one will be at the entrance of the club, with the rattan chairs and umbrellas. Thats customer-service for ya, can't imagine a club/pub that discourages smoking!

So to conclude... smokers, not to worry cos they have not forgotten about us and had embraced the legislation. I even saw someone smoked inside the club last night, but the security was polite enough to direct him to the smoking area! As compared to my work place... just feel like punching the security chief there. He's totally against smokers (Not smoking ok, he hates people who smoke!). Well, I won't say where :)

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VitalAuto said...

i love it! i was amazed when i got home from PLAY, i still smelled so good (except my booze breath) :)

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