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The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. That doesn't mean that God doesn't love heterosexuals. It's just that they need more supervision.
~Lynn Lavner

Monday, June 25, 2007

Its ZeroGravity's Birthday! (29th June '07, Friday)

Good day people!

I must say it was hell of a great night we had last night at ZeroGrav's bird-day bash eh? No no I'm not talking about the free booze no! Its nothing else but the GOOD company we had there! It was great, I had a great time and hope everyone else did too.

Well ZeroGrav, I must say I think you're already... what 35? *oops* We from the bearcast wish you a fruitful and fulfilling journey and may you have the joy and happiness that you deserve so much. Thanks for being a friend and you can count on us as well.

Have a good afternoon guys, can't wait for that Transformers movie later...

lotsa hugz,


Hello fellow bears, chubs, wannabes and lovers!
It has come to my attention that our friend, 'ZeroGravity' is having his birthday celebrations this coming Friday! Below are the details...

Venue: The Oso Bar (www.theosobar.com)
Address: 145, Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068605
Event: ZeroGravity's Birthday!
Time: Should be after 9pm+ (Don't worry, it'll definitely exceed 2am at least)

P.S. I guess this only applies to friends who knows who he is... but I'm sure he wouldn't mind knowing new friends though *wink* Unless otherwise...


yours blatantly,


VitalAuto said...

we will be there! hope to see more people! :)

bengzom said...

Me & K will not be in SG from 28th to 1st July... these 2 events have to skip. Will join the next one! ;p

asimov_22 said...

Wah lau... Honeymoon again meh? hehehe... ok lah, we'll see you guys next event loh what to do...

|bEnGzOm| said...

yep...honeymoon... a short trip to KL only... You GUYS!!! keep up the good work!! I will help to spread words around bout this blog... BUT is there any special requirement? (just in case i got the wrong crowd)...

asimov_22 said...

Well... at least must be bear bear lah, or like bears or is cute at least hahaha :P

Well, this is quite a private group loh, consisting of all the friends new and old who came and went through the years... I guess we're not looking for a certain 'type' to join us.

SunDevil said...

How is this a private group when the URL of this site is being advertised in a local forum? ;)

OH! By the way, nice blog...especially like the GCal gadget. Time to probably add a Cbox for senseless chatters! :)

And where's the podcast? Couldn't seem to find it in here...or was I being blur? ;)

Looks like there's a party to crash this Friday...woo hoo! :0